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1. The Three Principles of Great Three-Dimensional Drawings
(Drawing Realistic & Naturalistic Style/Perspective and Shadows)
... effect. So have courage to put your picture’s elements closer together. Let them overlap and show how good you can draw them according to the principles of three-dimensional drawings. Perspe...

2. Illustrated: Learn Pencil Drawing Techniques Step By Step
(Learn Drawing/Learn Pencil Drawing)
...ic sketch, use a hard pencil with light pressure. Softer pencils leave darker lines, so depending on how dark you want the area to be; you will have to adjust pressure. For example, a 9B pencil with...

3. Quick Tutorial: How to Draw Portraits
(How To Draw/How to Draw Portraits)
...knowledge of the details. Fill several sheets of paper with eyes, noses etc and you will get a feeling how they look and how to draw them. But don’t draw to small. Two eyes, mouths or noses on o...

4. How to draw a portrait symmetrical and consistently
(How To Draw/How to Draw Portraits)
...ling to create symmetry (even by slight deviations) makes the portrait look awkward and distorted. So how can this be fixed and avoided? It's all about using helper lines to create a first layou...

5. How To Draw Trees, Foliage And Forests
(How To Draw/How To Draw Trees)
If you want to learn how to draw trees, begin your drawing with a basic sketch of branches, trunks (internal structure), and leaves (external structure).When you draw trees, the single most important

6. Tutorial: How To Draw The Human Body
(How To Draw/How To Draw People)
...ection of simple shapes. If you think about the arm as a cylinder it will be much easier to figure out how it should look like in 3D. Buy a wooden drawing mannequin (model) and place it on your desk....

...on't have to prove anything to anyone. Your drawings are for you as long as you don't want to show them to others. Before you read on, take some minutes and think about this! Ok, what are you...

8. Instructions: How to Draw Movement and Motion
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
...fully or when the legs are together under the body. Have a look at some photos yourself or have a look how other artists do it. When it comes to animals it’s a good idea to keep it simple. Leon...

9. Learn How to Draw Hands Fast & Easily
(How To Draw/How To Draw People)
...hat you always have a model close by in the form of your own hands.It’s important never to guess how a hand should look.  Even the best artists hold up the hand they’re not using in f...

10. Learn To Draw Step By Step & Develop Your Own Style
(How To Learn To Draw/Learn to Draw Step by Step)
...ndividual drawing style quite naturally. Your personality is unique, you observe things differently to how others do and the muscles in your hand are different to anyone else’s. So in a sense yo...

11. Learn How to Draw Part 3 (of 6) - Learn Drawing the POSItive Way
(Learning To Draw/How to Learn to Draw)
...e as possible unless you already have some competence in the art of composition. Advanced artists know how to alter the scene for a stronger impression without disturbing realism at the same time. 2. ...

12. Learn How to Draw Part 1 (of 6)
(Learning To Draw/How to Learn to Draw) to use your eyes. It sounds easier than it is, so it's tempting to fall back on mere copy work. However, copying other drawings or pictures is not the best way to develop your drawing skills. I...

In recent parts you learned how to understand your subjects better, to overcome your fear of failure and how to practice your drawing skills determinedly. This time I'll give you seven important

14. How to Draw When Hands are Shaking
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
...ith their hand shaking too much for drawing at least once. So I did this collection of tips and tricks how to overcome your shaky hands or even how to get used to it, if it cannot be stopped. But I h...

15. Basic Drawing Techniques To Learn How to Draw Online
(Learning To Draw/How to Learn to Draw)
...g started is always the most complicated part. That's even more true if you are beginning to learn how to draw - be it online or offline. To jumpstart your drawing career you need two things: fir...

16. These Drawing Instructions & Drawing Tips Help You Improve Any Picture
(Drawing Instructions/Drawing Instructions)
...own drawings by asking knowledgeable people whom you trust to be honest to evaluate your drawings. See how their comments line up with your thoughts and ask about areas in your drawings that you are u...

When you learn to draw, soon you recognize: a big part of this art is mere technique and craftsmanship. When you are proficient in the basic techniques, your creativity can rely on these basic. This l

18. The Best Subjects to Learn Drawing Online
(Learn Drawing/Learn Drawing Online)
When you are starting to learn drawing online you need to make sure that the subjects you choose to draw are challenging enough to develop your skills but not so hard that you get discouraged. So one

19. How Long Does It Take To Learn To Draw?
(How To Learn To Draw/Learn to Draw)
... wondered “when will I be drawing like a real pro? When will I have perfected my drawing skills? How long does it take to learn to draw?” A legitimate question. We all want to make progr...

20. Learn How to Draw and Improve Your Drawing Skills
(Improve Drawing/Improve Drawing)
...truth. So what should you do? First it's important you know your weaknesses and you need to know how much your weaknesses affect your overall results. An example: When doing a lot of pencil draw...

21. Learn Drawing - Where To Begin A Drawing?
(Learning To Draw/How to Learn to Draw)
... was asked a question that seems common among beginning artists who just start to learn drawing: "how and where to start a drawing?" Don’t be misled into thinking this is a too simple ...

A good composition makes the difference between a mediocre artwork and your interesting, eye-attracting drawing. So once you learn to draw online, it's important to acquire some basic skills about

23. How to Draw a Dragon
(How To Draw/How to Draw Fantasy)
...nly thing that comes into my mind is this fire breathing beast. In this short article I will teach you how to picture out images of these fantasy creatures and drawing them as well.One thing I love ab...

24. How to Draw a Fantasy Castle
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
...ers, no one can stop looking at it amazedly. These are the guidelines that will help you to learn how to draw a castle. Now, we will show you how to draw castles step by step. Outline To star...

25. How to choose the right Books to Learn How To Draw
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
If you want to learn how to draw, you'll discover soon, you need some help. Professional help (in the one or another way). When browsing around in the internet or searching the local library you&#

26. Tutorial to Learn to draw Hand Proportions
(How To Learn To Draw/Learn to Draw)
Recently I gave you some tips on how to draw hands. Seems many of my students and readers devoured these tips and ask now for more. Especially they asked me to go into the details of drawing hands. So

You may be frustrated and de-motivated because you have just started to learn how to draw and you are finding it more difficult than you thought it was. Or you may be trying new subject matter or a ne

28. How to Draw Rain Drops
(How To Draw/How to Draw Nature)
One of the most exciting shape and texture to draw is rain drops. This article shows you how to add rain effects and rain drops.One of the most exciting shape and texture to draw is the rain drops. Th

29. How to Draw Pictorial Perspective
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
Pictorial views are images of objects that appear to be as precise as it is when you look at it with your own eyes. Parallel and angular perspectives are the most common perspective that we all know.

30. How to Draw Old Cars
(How To Draw/How to Draw Cars)
...e of its beautiful and overstated shapes and appearance. For first timer, here are some basic steps on how to draw old cars.When you draw, you would always draw the things that interest you. Many car ...

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