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1. The Three Principles of Great Three-Dimensional Drawings
(Drawing Realistic & Naturalistic Style/Perspective and Shadows)
Even experienced artists sometimes struggle with creating realistic three-dimensional drawings. Of course they know the basic principles and can create naturalistic drawings by heart. But sometimes ev

2. Illustrated: Learn Pencil Drawing Techniques Step By Step
(Learn Drawing/Learn Pencil Drawing)
... There isn't one ideal way, but several choices, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Start to learn pencil drawing techniques today!Different Ways For Holding A Pencil * Hold your ...

3. Quick Tutorial: How to Draw Portraits
(How To Draw/How to Draw Portraits)
I know many beginning artists who want to start right from scratch and draw a portrait of someone they know or someone popular. Drawing great portraits is like the holy grail of drawing. Creating real

4. How to draw a portrait symmetrical and consistently
(How To Draw/How to Draw Portraits)
Maybe you have experienced this yourself: it's already difficult to draw the different parts of a human face. It takes a lot of practice to create nice and lively noses, eyes, lips and hair. B

5. How To Draw Trees, Foliage And Forests
(How To Draw/How To Draw Trees)
...hading the leafy areas. When drawing, shadowed areas will be darker and will require heavier lines; partly shaded areas require a slightly lighter hand; and areas left white reveal highlighted leave...

6. Tutorial: How To Draw The Human Body
(How To Draw/How To Draw People)
The best way to start learning body proportions is to study the classic division of the human body into eight equal parts, from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Each of these eight parts

What's the biggest challenge most beginning artists face? They are afraid to make mistakes! Even experienced artists often struggle with their own insecurity. Finally these feelings are the reason

8. Instructions: How to Draw Movement and Motion
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
...moves. A good source for learning this is looking at the drawings used for animation like in Disney cartoons.  They have really mastered the art of bringing life to characters using these exact...

9. Learn How to Draw Hands Fast & Easily
(How To Draw/How To Draw People)
... one of the most difficult things to learn and it’s what makes the difference between an average artist and a master. The good thing is that you always have a model close by in the form of your ...

10. Learn To Draw Step By Step & Develop Your Own Style
(How To Learn To Draw/Learn to Draw Step by Step)
...edia until you find a style or a combination of styles that fits you. You can find examples of other artists’ work on the internet or at the library. As you worry less and less about your tech...

11. Learn How to Draw Part 3 (of 6) - Learn Drawing the POSItive Way
(Learning To Draw/How to Learn to Draw)
... of the most important things to learn when learning to draw is understanding the process almost every artist uses to fill a blank sheet of paper with more and more lines until she finished the drawin...

12. Learn How to Draw Part 1 (of 6)
(Learning To Draw/How to Learn to Draw)
...hese skills helps you to focus your attention away from the mechanics of drawing towards the creative part. In the fourth part I'll show you several exercises that will help you to practice these ...

In recent parts you learned how to understand your subjects better, to overcome your fear of failure and how to practice your drawing skills determinedly. This time I'll give you seven important

14. How to Draw When Hands are Shaking
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
It seems to be a quite common problem - both among seasoned and younger artists: shaking hands. My impression: maybe half of us have experienced problems with their hand shaking too much for drawing a

15. Basic Drawing Techniques To Learn How to Draw Online
(Learning To Draw/How to Learn to Draw)
Getting started is always the most complicated part. That's even more true if you are beginning to learn how to draw - be it online or offline. To jumpstart your drawing career you need two thing

16. These Drawing Instructions & Drawing Tips Help You Improve Any Picture
(Drawing Instructions/Drawing Instructions)
...p with a huge list of things you'd need to change to improve your drawing … then, please: Start again... In all sincerity that is probably the best thing you could do as your first drawing ...

When you learn to draw, soon you recognize: a big part of this art is mere technique and craftsmanship. When you are proficient in the basic techniques, your creativity can rely on these basic. This l

18. The Best Subjects to Learn Drawing Online
(Learn Drawing/Learn Drawing Online)
When you are starting to learn drawing online you need to make sure that the subjects you choose to draw are challenging enough to develop your skills but not so hard that you get discouraged. So one

19. How Long Does It Take To Learn To Draw?
(How To Learn To Draw/Learn to Draw)
...o;s never really over. Drawing in Perfection There is always room for improvement. Even the most adept artists learn more about drawing and improve their skills every day. That’s what makes th...

20. Learn How to Draw and Improve Your Drawing Skills
(Improve Drawing/Improve Drawing)
... of my students, you have only limited time and energy for your drawing hobby. And if you are creating art as a profession then time and energy may be even more limited and valuable to you!And so you ...

21. Learn Drawing - Where To Begin A Drawing?
(Learning To Draw/How to Learn to Draw)
Recently I was asked a question that seems common among beginning artists who just start to learn drawing: "how and where to start a drawing?" Don’t be misled into thinking this is a t

A good composition makes the difference between a mediocre artwork and your interesting, eye-attracting drawing. So once you learn to draw online, it's important to acquire some basic skills about

23. How to Draw a Dragon
(How To Draw/How to Draw Fantasy)
Every time I hear about fantasy art, the only thing that comes into my mind is this fire breathing beast. In this short article I will teach you how to picture out images of these fantasy creatures an

24. How to Draw a Fantasy Castle
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
Some people want to sketch historical art, like that of a castle. Its wall is so strong because it serves as a defense for the attack of the adversaries. And most fantasies use castles for the kingdom

25. How to choose the right Books to Learn How To Draw
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
...he internet or searching the local library you'll see: There are a lot of different ways to get started learning how to draw. You'll find there are books, DVDs, workshops and drawing courses ...

26. Tutorial to Learn to draw Hand Proportions
(How To Learn To Draw/Learn to Draw)
... drawing hands, the biggest obstacle are the proportions of all the fingers and small details. In this article I'll show you the most important details you need to pay attention to for best result...

You may be frustrated and de-motivated because you have just started to learn how to draw and you are finding it more difficult than you thought it was. Or you may be trying new subject matter or a ne

28. How to Draw Rain Drops
(How To Draw/How to Draw Nature)
One of the most exciting shape and texture to draw is rain drops. This article shows you how to add rain effects and rain drops.One of the most exciting shape and texture to draw is the rain drops. Th

29. How to Draw Pictorial Perspective
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
... to be as precise as it is when you look at it with your own eyes. Pictorial perspective drawing is an art where an approximate visual representation of images is placed on a flat surface like paper. ...

30. How to Draw Old Cars
(How To Draw/How to Draw Cars) After learning the details of a classic car, now you will need your drawing paper and pencil to start your actual drawing. It’s better to use HB pencil when you draw. In your paper sketch a...

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Speed Sketching Process
Sketching on Location: Sketching People
Sketching on Location: Sketching People II

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