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1. Basic Drawing Techniques To Learn How to Draw Online
(Learning To Draw/How to Learn to Draw)
...ify and define an area, shading is needed. Shading can be accomplished in several different ways. Simple cross hatching, accomplished with short quick strokes first in one direction and then in anothe...

...much practice of these basic techniques will speed up your drawing success. Learn to Draw Hatchings and cross-hatchings Hatching means to draw many parallel lines close together. In difference to no...

3. How to Draw One-Point Perspective
(How To Draw/Learn How to Draw)
...on the center of your paper as a spotlight.   Draw a Horizon The horizon line is a horizontal line across your drawing plane that passes through your vanishing point. This line is used to indicat...

4. How to Draw Yourself as a Cartoon Character
(How To Draw/How to Draw Portraits)
...o make a cartoon portrait of yourself.  Proportionality Get a picture of yours as a trace. Draw a cross line to keep the different facial features well balanced and in proportion to one another...

... its rough texture offers “hills and valleys” that leave small flickers of whitened space. Cross Hatching To be able to build texture, crossing and cross-hatching which is composed of l...

6. How to Draw a Face
(How To Draw/How to Draw Portraits)
... or middle line that separates the left and the right part of your face. Now, draw two horizontal lines across your oval that will equally divide the oval into three. The upper portion will be the for...

7. How to Draw Hands
(How To Draw/How to Draw Portraits)
...t approaches the curve end. Apart from the other fingers the thumb has its separate axis and has a wider cross-sectional area compared to the others.  Finishing Off your Drawing After the previ...

...f you are drawing a line using a pencil. Remember to not lift your brush until you’re all the way across. You might notice some paint will mount up at the bottom of the stroke you’ve made,...

...cause it creates uniform strokes. Begin painting your graded wash on the top left side and do it neatly across the right side.  Once you’ve done with the darker shade, do the lighter shade....

10. External Links Policy
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...the site comparable to or better than what is already provided? Is the site well designed, easy to use, cross-browser compliant, and accessible to people with disabilities? reserv...

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