Drawing Expressions Part II: Drawing Smiles and Curious Faces

Drawing Expressions Part II: Drawing Smiles and Curious Faces

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Before watching the video, I prepared my drawing book and pencil. And then when everything was all set I went on making my first drawing expression which is drawing a smile.

For learning to draw a smile, the first step I did was drew a circle for the top of the head. It was recommended to think of the circle as more like a sphere because the characters face will be tilt to the side. I noticed that LaurieB!’s characters have exaggerated lower half of the face that makes it a bit unusual from a realistic human. It is said that every artist have different styles on making their own characters, this is one thing to lookout for.


As soon as I finished the sphere, I drew a line down in the center of the face and placed the eyes on each side of the line. To finish it off, I drew in the pupil and iris inside the eye. I also added highlights to the upper left part of the pupil to give it a nice look and bring out the personality of the character I made. I also paid attention to how the cheek gets pushed up as the mouth opens for the smile.


To finish everything up, I added some little details like the eyelashes on the eyes, hair, the neck and some definition to the ear.


After drawing a smile, I then proceed on drawing another expression which is the curious expression.  I started off by drawing a sphere same as the one I made from drawing a smile.


I then added the lower part of the face and again, established my middle line and started adding in the details. Drawing the lips was a little bit difficult because it was a bit protruding. So what I did was paused the video and just focused on the lips, and the lips alone. I didn’t mind the other parts and stopped thinking of them as lips but rather shapes on the page. Ms. LaurieB said to look at them as individual lines and how these lines come together. And that’s what I did. I also followed these guide questions for me to start to understand how it was put together and be able to recreate it by myself.

•    Where to the individual lines come together and touch.
•    How much curve is on each line
•    How long is each line


After being able to draw the tricky lips and the major features are also completed, I wrapped up this drawing expression by darkening the major lines as well as adding some of the finer facial details like eyelashes and eyebrows. Note that there were little lines added under the eyes. The reason for this is that these lines help to indicate the lower eyelid moreover it also hugs and protects the bottom part of the eyeball.


Making these two expressions was not that difficult at all. Though at first I thought it would be complicated to draw these expressions just by looking at the images. But then as I followed the step by step instructions on the video, it turned out to be simple and easy. You just have to give your full attention to it and you won’t be disappointed with the result. Just focus and enjoy drawing these different expressions.

Want to learn to draw more facial expressions? Want to learn from LaurieB, too? Then you should check out PencilKings.com and their free membership ... Just click here.


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Flora  - Drawing smiles   |:
I tried it and pap! I didn't know I was so good in observational drawing. it
looks so easy if u copy your friends drawing
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I really like this, It great and easy to understand.
bafana  - mr   |:
no problem so far
Kalinga Hewageegana  - drawing of smiley faces   |:
It is so simply explained how to draw a face with a smile. very helpful for
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