Drawing Expressions Part IV: How to Draw Angry, Sad, and Sleepy Faces
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Drawing Expressions Part IV: How to Draw Angry, Sad, and Sleepy Faces

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Same as the ones I made from the previous drawing expression series, I drew the basic head shape using my pencil. This time, the head was tilted that it made the curve of the eyebrows a little tricky to get looking right. I had to sketch it one side to practice and be able to achieve the curve I want to use for this expression.


I pushed the upper lids further compared to the ones I had in the previous lessons because this expression is a bit more extreme. The same goes to the mouth. I pushed the lower jaw out ever to slightly past the edge of the upper jaw. Then I finished it up with drawing in first the lower eyelids which were raised against the eyeball.


I then followed it by adding some quick lines above the nostril. This line indicates that the nose was being scrunched up. If you try to take away these little tricks above the nostril, you will notice that the scrunched nose becomes relaxed. And there you have it. The Angry Face.


After that, I drew another expression which is the sad expression. This time, I made the eyebrows curved upwards toward the middle to make my character look like sad. The corners of the mouth were pulled down, and I made sure that the bottom of the lip is a bit stuck out than the usual.


I finished the eyes by adjusting the amount that the eyelids cover the eye. I pushed it up slightly.


Afterwards I added some eyelashes that curved out and upward from under that mass of skin. And that’s all there is to it!


The last lesson for drawing expression series is the sleepy face. I drew the head same as the others I’ve drawn in the series but this time there were a few slight differences. Since I’ am making a sleepy face, everything or the whole body gets pulled downward just like every time we are tired that we have to slump our body downwards because we don’t have the strength to fight against gravity. I drew the neck in a curve manner which looked like struggling to support the weight of the head as it pulls down towards the ground as well as the shoulders which are sloping down also.


I made the eyebrows float upward, while the upper eyelids looked like struggling to keep the eyes open. After that, I sketched in the mouth with its corner pulled downwards too and is a bit open just like yawning.


I finished my drawing by adding more details to the upper eyelids and the nose. I also included in the details the upper teeth and tongue and I’m all finished!


After being able to finish everything on how to draw different expressions video series, I was satisfied with the results. It thought me of the things I need to know to bring life to the faces of my characters. I liked it so much. Though at first it is difficult, but with practice and focus I made it. You only need to grab your pencil and you’re all set for a great adventure and experience. No extra steps required. Just have fun and enjoy everything that this tutorial has to offer.  Just signup for their free membership here.

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