Learn To Draw Step By Step & Develop Your Own Style
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Learn To Draw Step By Step & Develop Your Own Style

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You will probably find that as you learn to draw step by step, you will develop your own individual drawing style quite naturally. Your personality is unique, you observe things differently to how others do and the muscles in your hand are different to anyone else’s. So in a sense you might not be able to avoid developing your own style.

Developing you Own Drawing Style

If you feel that you don’t have your own drawing style then try experimenting with a variety of styles, techniques and media until you find a style or a combination of styles that fits you.

You can find examples of other artists’ work on the internet or at the library. As you worry less and less about your technique and you reach the point where you can just draw you will develop you own style quite easily.

That said, it is important to be versatile as an artist so you should aim to have a variety of different styles in your repertoire. Don’t limit yourself to only one style as this may make it difficult to get commercial drawing work and you will probably get bored.

It is important not to compare your manner of drawing to that of other artists, as there will always be someone 'better' than you and someone 'worse' than you. Be inspired by others, but don’t compare.

Developing versatility in drawing

Besides for developing an own drawing style, it is always good to be versatile in your drawing to help keep you stimulated and to ensure that your work is marketable should you want to draw commercially.

There are various ways to become more versatile.

First is inspiration: You should expose yourself to as many different drawing styles as you can by looking at art books and viewing exhibitions amongst others. You could also try taking classes from different teachers as each teacher has their own style of drawing and teaching which they will pass on to you.

You could also be your own drawing coach and set yourself different tasks with different goals, aimed at different audiences. For example you could set yourself a project in which you illustrate a nursery rhyme, or design a poster for an art exhibition, or design a book cover. This will provide you with practice as well as material for a portfolio if you do want to get into drawing commercially.

You must ensure that you continually challenge yourself by learning to drawing different subject matter, using different media and different techniques. Perhaps look at websites and agencies that market the work of illustrators to see what clients are looking for so that you can develop your skills in the right direction.

All these combined efforts will finally guide you to learn step by step your own drawing style.

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behzad  - Mr   |:
as a true hobby draw/painter i find this article interesting and appropriate and
thanks for sharing it. the comment "be inspired but not compare" i feel,
is very relevant to people like me.
behzad  - Mr   |:
as a true hobby draw/painter i find this article interesting and appropriate and
thanks for sharing it. the comment "be inspired but not compare" i feel,
is very relevant to people like me.
Marygray100@gmail.com  - Mrs   |:
I have been drawing and painting since I was knee highThanks for all your very
interesting information, we can never learn enough about art and all the
different styles.
Jac  - Drawing versus Painting   |:
I want to paint. Now my new class teacher says I must first learn to draw. I
have never seen a painting in Drawing. Now why must I learn to draw. With
painting the lines are never flops as you can easily correct you paint. So why
must I learn to DRAW ????
ronald  - wow   |:
wow so cool thanks this is unbelive able
elizabeth  - my drawings   |:
i love to draw that's my favorite thing to do so that's why i chose this site
Freda Gudopp  - Readit   |:
Interesting reading
Stormfront  - Good news   |:
Hey guys its me again, but for today i won;t be talking about all the gross
anime or adults gross social stuff, so i'm here to talk about drawing, drawing
can change your life, it is a fun hobby and i'm glad i'm into drawing but
sometimes i black-out-of-idea, when i'm out of idea what to draw, i'll just
relax play some video games, PSP or sometimes i go to the internet and type:
Learn how to draw. Internet can also give you answers on what to draw. Remember
kids what i told you, DO NOT GO SEE ALL THOSE NONSENSE ADULTS STFF. Glad to
help... BYE :-D
Stormfront  - Anime   |:
Hey its me again, and i have to say that i am 11 year old kid, remember that i
said that anime sometimes are not for children, but some anime can, because
there is no naked or couple anime having their social stuff for adults, and i
would not say the word because it is GROSS. Well for me, a kid like suppose to
draw a cartoon characters or something that is less anime adults. So all i have
to say that kids from all around the world, do not see all the nonsense like all
the anime or ***y and naked pictures, because it is bad for you, me as a
reminder do not see all those stuff. GLAD TO HELP and i'll be back.
Stormfront  - Art   |:
I love drawing, and it is fun and its a hobby, but some drawing lessons are not
for kids because the anime drawing are sometimes (naked) and it is not for
children. I would say that why do they want to teach kids how to draw naked
anime's it is no good for such young age children to see a such horrible adults
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