How Long Does It Take To Learn To Draw?
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How Long Does It Take To Learn To Draw?

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Almost every one of us may have wondered “when will I be drawing like a real pro? When will I have perfected my drawing skills? How long does it take to learn to draw?

A legitimate question. We all want to make progress and hope to harvest the fruits of our labor one day. Well, it may sound like bad news, but the fact is: it’s never really over.

Drawing in Perfection

There is always room for improvement. Even the most adept artists learn more about drawing and improve their skills every day.

That’s what makes them pros and gives them the skills necessary for their achievements. Practicing over and over again brings them closer to the point with the big signpost telling “perfection”.

But no one will ever reach this point completely! It’s a lifetime task to get nearer and nearer to perfection.

But there is no need to be discouraged! Stopping your efforts to learn and improve means making no further progress.

So if you really want to become a great artist, you’ll have to keep moving. Never stop learning, never stop improving and never stop pushing for perfection (although you may never reach it).

Draw Like a Pro

So reaching perfection is almost impossible. But when will you be able to draw like a pro? When will you be able to draw like the artists creating these impressing drawings in your local gallery?

It depends on the skill level and drawing experience you are starting from.

And here are the great news: the lower the level you are starting from the easier it is to make great progress with small effort. The drawback for skilled professional artists: for them it gets harder and harder to improve.

That’s why drawing beginners can make a giant leap by doing an intensive drawing course over a week or two. This gives you a great start and first motivating successes.

How to Learn to Draw Step by Step

There are several ways to get a good start in your drawing career. Depending on your budget these may be:

* Books
* DVDs
* Workshops and drawing courses
* Private coaching by an artist

I ordered these options by increasing price. The more expensive options tend to be better.

But what counts most is quality!

A good book can do more for you than an average workshop. So always focus your attention on quality:

* get free samples or attend demonstrational lessons to form your own opinion
* check whether other people already had success with this method
* price may be an indicator of quality, but be careful there are also some scam artists out there charging hefty prices for cheap stuff

Keep this in mind, go out, and check what options are available and fit to your budget. Make your decision an informed one. Learn to draw. And most important: enjoy!

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Sheila B  - Great   |:
I also study the work of other artists at url..

I don't copy
their work I study it.
It always makes me feel better when I find art work for
sale that has perspective and composition mistakes. I also can study paintings
done in my media of colored pencils..Great for learning shading and color usage.
karla  - reply to shelia b   |:
hi. i wanted to ask you, is the: the full adress?
thank you.
Merkel  - important   |:
have you ever heard something about link: ? I think you should add something about that
element, shouldn't you?
Liqun Jin  - Mr.   |:
I have not have enough time but I want to be an artist.
ronald  - never give up   |:
i was so bad at drawing at first but picked up over the years to do it on my own
i wanted this badly and i never give up i started freehand drawing wase'nt
allowed to learn grids
Daryl  - Thank you   |:
I just wanted to thank you for that draw like a pro. I have been trying so hard
to draw like a pro but sometimes it's just don't look the way how I want it to
look more real when I draw.
Anonymous   |:
I am still receiving your good ideas of good drawing and I love them so much
please keep it up.

fuad   |:
Boyann  - DVDs VS books VS private coaching or workshops   |:
There's hardly more educational experience than seeing a master at works,
observing how the work of art emerges whilst listening to the master's
I reckon that books WERE the greatest help in art self-tuition but
nowadays, thanks to YouTube, instructional videos and DVDs etc. it's an immense
progress to have an almost interactive experience whilst learning HOW to draw.
am all for DVDs and video examples of what and how to do.
Thanks for your
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