Drawing Expressions Part I: Warm-up

I recently tried out the "Drawing expressions" series at PencilKings.com and it was a "wow" experience. That's why I thought "it's time for sharing" and put together this little article series.Enjoy!

In drawing expressions warm up I started off by getting my drawing book and pencil ready. Once all are ready I proceed to my drawing.

I have followed the instruction to first draw several egg shapes with similar sizes. These small circles serve as the heads of my drawing. After that I divide each egg shapes into for part by sketching horizontal and vertical lines. Then I drew similar eyes and nose using simple shapes like circles for the eyes and small triangles or squashed circle for the noses. At first I have trouble on doing the egg shapes, in the video tutorial it looks so simple to do but when I do it myself I ended up doing shrink egg shapes. It’s kind of funny actually but as what Lauren B! advice not to put too much pressure on my wrist when I do the circles. I have learned that I have to control the pencil instead of the pencil controlling my moves. It is also important to do it quickly than trying to do work on it perfectly.


When all the basics are done I start on drawing the most popular and I guess the easiest expression, the happy expression. I have learned that the eyebrows and the mouth are the most important feature to put more attention too. In happy expression, the eyebrows form a C-form and same as the mouth. I have learned that in every expression the eyebrows were either a C-form or an S-form. I’ve learned that sad eyebrows can be done by making an L-shape. The shape of the eyebrows does make a lot of difference. Aside from that the eyelids automatically followed what the shape of the eyebrows.


As the expression changes like if it is furious the eyebrows and mouth changes also, when I do the furious face with a half-smile on the left cheek the cheekbone also rises so I have to make it look like the cheek was squeeze up to the upper lid. I just put a small curve just below the lower lid to emphasize the mass of cheek. With same eyebrows as the happy expression I can make a worried expression by changing just the mouth.


Drawing different facial expressions is really fun and interesting. I never knew that there are simple ways on how to portray expressions in my drawing with few strokes. As I followed the video instruction the only problem I encountered is how to do perfect egg shapes quickly. But as I practice more I did well also.


Following the video instruction is really helpful especially for beginners who love to draw different facial expressions. It is fun and easy. I have learned that I can make different expressions by changing the eyebrows and mouth or changing either the mouth or eyebrows. It is up to me how will I play with my drawing.

Drawing with expression is not easy for people like me. I have dilemmas on how will I make the expressions look the way I want it like if it’s angry or shocked and other expressions. However, following the video instruction makes it easy for me.

My drawing may not be as good as what Lauren B! drew but I am proud and happy with what I did. I really enjoy doing the facial expression warm up.

If you want to overcome your problems drawing facial expressions ... why not give PencilKings.com a try? Just signup for their free membership here.

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Shayzzwayzz  - Gesture drawing-Body expressions   |:
In my class right now, we are required to draw emotions and expressions with the
whole body, within a 1 minute time period. Going from one expression to another
in sequences. I'm having issues in this area. Can you please help? Also this
week we are to add color to our figures to show the mood, either using colored
charcoal or construction paper and colored pencils, and showing value and depth.
Help me please. =)
Hanna  - mrs   |:
I like to know how to draw facial expressions and people too. Thanks
kalinga  - drawing of facial expresions   |:
I would like to teach you how to draw.
p.logeswaran  - face   |:
its really fantastic to who was interested to drawing!
Simone  - drawing facial expressions   |:
looks like fun
Simone  - drawing facial expressions   |:
looks like fun
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