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If you have questions or suggestions that seem not to fit into the other areas of this website, just leave them here as comment.

You have a question about a special drawing technique? You want to know how to draw something, but it is not covered anywhere on this site? You have suggestions what I should write about?

No matter what – please post it here as comment.

I’d really love to hear from you. But please keep these rules in mind:

  • 1. I really like to see negative feedback as it helps me to improve. But please DO NOT use insulting or offending language – also not against other posters!
  • 2. For the sake of clarity I may move or remove your comments after several months.
  • 3. I will answer most of the questions I receive through articles so if I don’t answer yours personally and right away keep reading, it may be in a furture article.
  • 4. Please do not post here any personal information like e-mail addresses, passwords etc.
  • 5. For problems of technical nature please send an e-mail to instead of posting here

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bev  - cannot download instructions   |:
cannot download instructi0ns
barb Kendro  - Receiving program   |:
Can I download your classes on my iPad?
I do not want to download on my
barb Kendro  - Receiving program   |:
Can I download your classes on my iPad?
I do not want to download on my
char   |:
I didn't recieve the free ebook can i get it please?
Judith  - Student Illustrator   |:
I love all your courses, but right now am trying to concentrate on the
water-colour drawing.

Lately I have found that buying videos or dvds is not
working on my computer, and really I would like to be able to download all your
videos via internet.

Is that possible?

Always your impressed fan,
Paul Rippingale  - Water Colour   |:
Does the type of water make much difference to the finished paint work, i.e.
Soft rain water versus hard town water full of calcium and other additives?
Rich Owens  - Owner / Illustrator - Shoestring Design (Also stud   |:
Dear Sir,

I have, as yet, not had a chance to go through your sketching PDFs.
I am still working through my own class work.

I have a suggestion for
"Maria - Designer" as to how to improve her students speed sketches.
While in college (Ferris State University) my instructor had we students sit in
an arc around a small table. Placed upon this table was an object that was to
sketched for 2 minutes (this was timed by an egg timer). We did this everyday
for a semester (we had 4 hour labs so the time used was minimal) drawing the
objects on LARGE newsprint type paper pads. This caused us to draw quickly and
lightly, not using heavy lines but shadows to show various depths. We also had
to draw 10 sketches a week of normal household objects and appliances from a
100+ list from the prof.
Brian  - Figure Drawing   |:
I love your tutorials and I also love figure drawing, but I just can't seem to
find any good tutorials for it. If you could make one that would be awesome!
Please respond.
nora  - mirrors, and windows   |:
Hi I'm just a beginer and would like to know how to draw and paint windowa and
mirrors thankyou nora
TidalEspeon  - A chore?   |:
Sometimes, I really have no fun with drawing; it feels like a chore for me.
Could you please tell me how to make it enjoyable? I need to find ways to
actually enjoy it and not worry about the result. Just telling the readers like
in that one topic not to worry is not quite cutting it for people like me, I
need more specific instructions :/ I'd really appreciate help with this!
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