Speed Sketching Process
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Speed Sketching Process

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I have learned that in sketching on location being fast and fluid is the key. It doesn’t really matter if it is not totally accurate as the real object the main point is creating a loose shape of the key areas of the subject. Sometimes I put into much effort in making the sketching perfect, but I have learned that being perfect doesn’t really matter.

For this exercise I have sketched 4 different stories. I have started on sketching a girl. The girl was holding and looking at something. I made loose shape for its form. I started on sketching the head first, followed by its clothes, since the girl was holding something and looking at it my drawing must also look like it. There are parts where I have emphasize the strokes and of course parts with normal strokes. This helps to improve the drawing and emphasize certain areas.


Since sketching is about being fast and fluid to capture stories, within a minute I have drew the first girl. Through time my speed will improve too. With few strokes I have drawn a girl and what was the girl’s doing is quite obvious.


After that I continue with the second girl. As much as possible I tried to simplify the drawing. The girl was walking while drinking something while the other hand was holding something. The important thing is to capture what was the girl doing or its essence.  


I have learned also that in sketching I can break rules. I have the freedom to use anything that I might think appropriate for my drawing. It doesn’t really matter if my drawing looks cartoonish. The important thing is the story is being conveyed well.

The next story was a guy with his girlfriend. The two were holding hands. I have to make sure that my drawing was able to convey that event. It is important to capture that feature so that the viewer must know that the girl beside him is his girlfriend. I must consider also their location in the situation and their pose. In every drawing, not only in sketching, relationships must be captured well. I must keep in mind that I am telling stories with my drawings. It’s an important element of an art piece.


I have continued on doing the fifth person on the right. The same with the other four, I have paid attention on its pose and what was she doing in the surroundings. It’s as if am telling a story.

I have encountered problems too especially on how am I going to convey the relationship of the two people in my drawing. How am I going to relate each character with each other? And sketching real fast is still on progress. These are few problems I have encountered on this exercise.

In sketching on location, being observant with what was going on around is a must. It is different from drawing from a picture where one only looks at one angle of the story. In sketching on location I have learned that every angle must be considered too. I must be quick on capturing the situation.

I am confident that through time I will be able to do sketching on location easily. It is fun and interesting so learning it is not that hard.

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ssebugya stephen   |:
thanx am going to try it out but i know you have to be good at sketching human
Roslyn Hamilton  - Mrs.   |:
Thank you enjoyed that knowledge. Practice practice I guess it the
JOSÉ PAULO FERREIRA FILHO  - Speed Sketching Process   |:
Okay, it is dificult to me write in english. But, i appreciate all things you
had give to me, about various aspects of drawing. Thank for you, RUEDIGER,
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