The Best Subjects to Learn Drawing Online
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The Best Subjects to Learn Drawing Online

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When you are starting to learn drawing online you need to make sure that the subjects you choose to draw are challenging enough to develop your skills but not so hard that you get discouraged. So one of the questions bothering those who learn drawing online is "What subjects should I choose to learn drawing?" The answer: Start trying to draw familiar objects. But draw them in unfamiliar ways. Even your shoe is a good object to start with!

You should also try first drawing single objects which you have set up in front of you rather than attempting a full street scene on the first day. Items like kitchen utensils and the various bits of flotsam and jetsam you find in your pockets or hand bag such as keys, lighters and cosmetics are also good drawing subjects. Tools, flowers, furniture, shoes and various natural items are also good subjects.

What about Drawing Statuettes?

A remark on statuettes as these seem to be very popular subjects for beginning artists: It is not a good idea to draw statuettes as you'll lose a lot of detail and you are effectively doing a drawing of a molding which was originally taken from a drawing. Therefore your drawing will be very far removed from the original subject. Disappointing drawings are the result, unless you manage to capture the statuette-like details of your subject like the surface structure, light blemishes on the surface etc.

Learn Drawing from life vs. Drawing from Photographs

Drawing from life generally produces superior results. You should really draw from life as often as you can, there is no substitute.

But most beginning artists fail and are disappointed when trying to draw from life right from the beginning. So better practice drawing from photographs to prepare for the holy grail of drawing.

To overcome common shortcomings of average photographs, try to take the photograph yourself. So you'll get a feeling for the scene and connect emotionally to the subject.

Learn Drawing from Life

Once you've made some progress drawing from photographs, it's time to take the next step: start drawing from life.

It's the most important thing to practice once you have acquired the basic skills. That means you should always try to draw something that is in front of you.

When doing this it is always a good idea to draw things from an unusual angle so that you are forced to observe the object intently rather than just relying on your memory.

Also try to suit the type of object to the skill you are trying to learn. If you are practicing your line drawing then a fuzzy toy is not going to be very helpful!

For example your own hands are a fascinating subject for study and easy enough to start with - and they are always readily available!

More Practices to Learn Drawing

There are many exercises you can do to improve your drawing and there is certainly not enough space here to list all of them. But here are some ideas:

-    Try drawing different objects using different media and different techniques. No drawing practice is ever wasted and the new media will certainly help you to observe you object in a different way.
-    If you usually draw very slowly, try drawing faster, and vice versa.
-    If you usually draw small and tight then try drawing big and loose.
-    Challenge and extend yourself and you will find that your natural drawing style will be better for it.
-    You might also like to try drawing an object that is moving, like a person or an animal, as this will train you to do quick observations and to record them rapidly as the subject moves on.

And Most Important ...

The most important thing for which there is no substitute to learn drawing online is practice! Practice, practice, practice... When it comes to drawing there is no replacement for good old elbow grease.

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Lucas   |:
Good day;
Indeed you know your facts as I also started drawing with photographs
and after gaining more confidence with my capability I started drawing life but
I still use photographs. Thank you for the heads up!
Terry   |:
Hi Ruediger,
thank you for your amazing info! it is very much
take care.
Doreen Delport  - Precious   |:
Soeey the spelling. Are of great value. Thank you so much
Doreen Delport  - mrs   |:
Hi Ruediger!

Your articles arw of great value
Thank you much
Freda Gudopp  - Ruediger - Information   |:
Thank for this latest information,I enjoy getting lessons and information in my
email, doing well with my drawing, have turned allot of them into paintings, I
find my imagination is better than it ever was.
Merkel  - important   |:
have you ever heard something about link: ? I think you should add something about that
element, shouldn't you?
Romayne  - May God bless you   |:
You are an excellent person
Len  - Faces.   |:
When will we introduced to draw faces of friends, family etc?
Thanks from Len.
Essy  - helloo !! ^_*   |:
can learn here as portraiture made ..! I adore portraits!
Karen Carroll  - Sharing   |:
It's been great that you've been sharing your drawing lessons. I only have one
problem. I dislike E-books. I have a hard time reading on thr computer. I have
MS and my eyesight changes alot. Alot can be added again. But thanks for
sharing. Karen Carroll
Lewis  - I dislike ebooks   |:
Hi Karen,
Just a note to let you know about an interesting online drawing course
without e-books.They have a course handbook that is emailed to you. All you do
is print out the pages and staple them
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