They Laughed When You Wanted to Start Drawing, But When You Took Your Pencil!

From the desk of: Ruediger
Artist and internet author

Dear Fellow Artist,

doing the first steps to creating full-scaled lively pictures. From drawing simple still lifes to resembling portraits - no matter what your skills are, drawing is always a challenge and you never stop learning.

I cannot promise you a magic bullet ehm pencil to overcome all these challenges. But there are some secret tips, that will help you.

Over the Years I collected tons of well-known and not so well-known tricks, tips and techniques for improving drawings. I compiled the best of them into a small e-book named "7 Inspiring Ways To Improve Your Drawings".

Where will these ways guide you? They will show you:

  • Learn how to get started
  • Find out how to improve your drawing skills
  • Bring more realism and life into your drawings
  • How to learn and improve your figure drawing skills (for both naturalistic-style drawings and manga-style)
  • The magical ingredients of a good portrait
  • How to keep and find more inspiration and motivation
  • and much more ...

The good news: it is completely free for you. And it gets much better: You can also enroll for my e-class completely for free. As I collect more and more techniques and tricks I will share them with you in my e-class.

It is Real - No Strings attached!

You may think "huh? Why is he giving away this stuff for free? Where is the catch?". No need to worry, there is no catch. Its just my way of saying "thank you" and sharing what I have learned from all the guys out there.

You know the saying: "Something free has no value at all." Well, whoever said this - he never had a look at the tips and tricks from the e-book and e-class. See what others who read it say about the e-book:

"I downloaded it and already read the same day. Thanks for it, it is a really inspiring ebook which kept me awake till late night (usually I am an early bird). For me as a complete beginner this was an eye opener and I learned useful things in such a short time."

Vancouver, Canada

"I have read through your e-book 7 inspiring ways to improve your drawings, and I must say it has been a great help for me to improve my drawings."

Stockholm, Sweden

" it helped me a lot and inspired me so now every day i keep practicing so thank you so much for helping me"

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"I did get a lot benefit from your book, and i am now more eager to look for a moment to draw. My hands and mind has been freed from the old saying, that say that only gifted people can draw."


"the book was helpful, it got me drawing again showed how to use guied lines and got me drawing again"

Ronald James
Hawaii, USA

Do Not Wait!

So why are you waiting any longer? Currently I am adding some new lessons to the e-course, it would be a pity if you miss them, just because you don't take action right now.

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