Attention: Not knowing these Old Masters and their work will harm your own Success!

Learn from the Artwork of the Old Masters!

Dear Fellow Artist,

Few weeks ago I visited an exhibition of the Old Masters. Standing in front of one of these great paintings I asked myself "wow, how did they learn to draw like this?" In a time when owning more books than a bible was pure luxury?

Back at home I did a short research and it was stunning: Nearly all the Old Masters learned from other Old Masters themselves.

So around one or a few more Old Masters several pupils gathered who later became Master artists themselves. Complete groups of artists formed - called by art historians according to their city or style.

What does it mean to us?

First, anyone can learn to draw and paint - if he has the right teacher

Second, we can learn a lot by studying the Old Masters

But what are the pictures and master artists most study worth?

I figured out a collection of 47 Pictures anyone interested in visual arts and drawing or painting himself should know. These pictures will have the biggest impact on your studies.

So no matter if you are a beginner or already have gained some experience and skills, this e-book will show you:

  • ideas and inspiration for your own artwork
  • live through what these 45 Master Artists experienced in their lives
  • and learn to see through their eyes, what is most important to draw like the Old Masters did

Just to be sure: here we are not only speaking about well-known Masters like da Vinci or Monet.

Also not-so-well-known but even more important Master Artists like Böcklin, Bonheur, Hobbema and many more find their place in this e-book.

All in all 47 Drawings and Paintings (in highest quality and color fidelity) await you - pictures you should know and learn from.

Sounds good? But wait, almost more important is what YOU WILL NOT GET:

  • NO need for expensive tickets for an art exhibition where you forget what you've seen once time passes and you stop paying for continued visits
  • NOT a restrictive selection of artwork limited to a few special artists
  • Instead you get a compendium of the most important artwork right at your hand. You can get and read it anytime you wish � for further improvement or refreshing what you�ve learned
  • NO piles of books to crawl through as most of them contain only one artist or one style at a time!
  • Instead you get a short and to the point collection of the most important artists and their work in human history

Digital Gallery included!

Also I hired a specialist to get high quality versions of all 47 pictures. Shocking: These High Quality versions of the pictures are bigger than your computer screen.

  • You can zoom in to the smallest detail - sometimes even better than when standing in front of the original
  • You can use these pictures or parts of them as inspirational wallpapers for your computer. For almost a full year you can have a different motivational wallpaper every week

Because of high interest I also added two more bonus gifts for fans of the great genius, inventor and master artist Leonardo da Vinci:

Bonus Gift 2: "Leonardo da Vinci"

Detailled information about life and art of Leonardo da Vinci. It will keep you up all-night and motivate you for new drawing endeavors.

Bonus Gift 3: �Digital Gallery: Leonardo da Vinci�

30 Drawings and paintings from and about Leonardo da Vinci. Both studies in pencil and watercolor as well as full-fledged Paintings and Frescos. Some of them even are not available to the public anymore!

As inexpensive as a ticket for an art exhibition

Today you have the chance to get your own copy for less than the price of one ticket to a good art museum like the MoMA.

The difference to a visit to an art exhibition in a major museum:

  • You'll get a collection of artworks selected by importance and not availability - museums can only show these works, they have access to
  • You'll see more details in the picture
  • You'll keep the images for you, so you can study them whenever you want

If you'd try to collect all the information and pictures through museums and art books, you'd have to pay $100 or even more for books, exhibition tickets etc.

Today you can get the complete package for a mere $17.

That saves you more than $80!

Still not feeling comfortable with my offer? Still not convinced and worrying? What if it doesn�t work just for you? What if you it doesn't satisfy you at all?

No problem. See, I am so confident you will love my material that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Your 365 Days 100% Satisfaction No-Risk Guarantee.

I confidently guarantee that you'll be completely satisfied or I'll refund your purchase and you can even keep your copy and the bonuses.

You don't have to return it! All the risk is on me. If at any point during the first 365 days, you are not absolutely happy with the book I will personally refund your entire investment no questions asked!

A remark: this is no empty talk. Your order is processed via PayPal, the secure and trusted payment service. They have extremely strict rules I have to obey. So you can be sure: If you want a refund, you will get it.

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Fellow Artist

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