Discover the secret device used by old masters to create artwork so realistic, it almost pops out of the frame

... and use it yourself:

  • Transfer any scene into a drawing with your very own hands and a pencil (or a brush, charcoal etc - as you like)
  • Create sketches while getting perspective and proportions perfectly right ... and develop it in full drawings or paintings (if you paint)
  • Follow the same tricks "the old masters" used for their artworks (yes, it's been a long hidden secret, but had been discovered recently)
  • Works even if you don't know how to draw (yet) ... and it will improve your drawing skills with every picture you create
  • Allows experienced artists to get the fine details right, they've always been struggling with
  • Can be used with any medium you like: pencil, paint, pastels, charcoal, ink etc
  • You could say it's as close to a magic pill or silver bullet as it can get

Sounds crazy and too good to be true? Well that's how it works:

The device is a camera lucida, which uses optics to make drawing as easy as ABC. That is what you see, if you look through the camera lucida:

The image is transparent, so you can see the subject (in this case a still life), your hand, pencil and pencil marks all at the same time.

Now it's really easy to start tracing over the scene. Result a few minutes later: a sketch like this:

Of course you can leave out what you don't want and focus on these parts of the subject that are important to you. After you finished the sketch you can finish it with traditional drawing or painting techniques. (of course you can also start painting without a pencil sketch - you can use any medium you want)

You see it's as easy as it sounds and just to be sure you'll also get a manual.

The Camera Lucida will send shivers of excitement down your spine and you will quickly see why the old Masters might have found this kind of device so useful.

That's what other have to say:

Now, after just a few months, I seem to have gotten myself into a gallery in Colorado, (Art on Mountain). I thought it was a bit soon to try for this and considered it a dry run, but there were 3 slots and 12 artists going through the jurying process, and my dry run has become my new reality!

It was my camera lucida that got me started back doing something I should be doing with my life, you deserve a big thank you for their part in all of this.

I LOVE THIS THING! I am so pleased and so excited and it is like MAGIC.


Also, I drew a pot outside with the right oval shape and appropriate shadow. It was effortless. Perfection!

I found the instructions useful, as far as distance and adjustments were concerned. I didn't feel lost at all and I love the results. VERY HAPPY HERE.

-Lynne Hurd Bryant

"I like to draw and paint en plein air. It's great for drawings of cityscapes to get the perspective right (even while sitting in a car), but it also works well for painting. ... In just a few minutes I'm started on a well-composed painting while my attraction to the scene is still fresh. Often I let drawn lines show through for an interesting effect."

-Terry Elrod

"The Camera Lucida is suited to reducing panoramas and natural scenes to the size of a large drawing pad, and its portability makes it ideal for such image capture. You don't have to rely upon electricity as with projection systems, and the filters help one deal with all manner of natural lighting. You really learn a lot about light and seeing when you begin to play around with such an instrument. You feel like part of the camera, in fact you are a part of the camera; the mirror reflects the image onto a surface, the artist plays the part of the developing chemicals which fix the image on the paper. Another and perhaps greater instruction one gets from using the Lucida is practice in seeing and manipulating proportion, which, as Leonardo Di Vinci said, is divine."

-Les Bruder

And that's not all, you can also:

  • Reflect anything onto paper or canvas: paintings, landscapes, portraits, figures, still lifes, etc. And you can reflect the image onto white or dark paper or canvas or anything else you want to: dishes, crafts, rocks, t-shirts, sculpting.
  • The camera lucida can clamp to a table, sketch book, or most any stiff drawing surface up to 2.5 in (6.4cm) thick. So you can use it inside on a table or desk or clamp it to a portable drawing surface and take it out in to the field.
  • Plus, knowing that you are using the same kind of tool that the Old Masters used to make their Masterpieces makes drawing with the Camera Lucida that much more exciting.
  • Whether you are a Modern Master or just an Art Enthusiast who wants to paint like a professional, this is the ultimate tool for any artist. Because this is a tool not a toy, it is not recommended for use by small children.
  • Sketch scenes that are very bright or very dark by using different filters to adjust the camera lucida to any lighting situation (and your paper in case you are using colored or very dark paper)
  • Depict scenes of almost any size - the camera lucida allows to adjust for image size really easily

This list could be extended, but not why see it yourself?

You can try it without risk thanks to our 14 days Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty.

So you may wonder now: How much does it cost?

It's a robust high-quality device design for longevity and use in a rugged environment. It's not manufactured in Asia but in California.

Its value can't be expressed in a dollar amount as you have to add precious life years to the thousands of dollars it takes to take course and learn drawing "the hard way".

All in all a camera lucida is an invaluable tool ... and the price of $229 is absolutely fair and worth every penny. So just click "Add to cart" and follow the instructions to get your very own Camera Lucida:

That's what you'll receive after placing your order:

Each camera lucida is packed in a quality reusable folding box with attached egg-crate cushions.

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So don't wait any longer and start into a complete new world of beautiful art, created with ease. Just click "Add to cart" below and follow the instructions to complete your order.

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