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Problems downloading?

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Dear friend,

You are experiencing problems downloading any of my lessons, exercises or books?
Below you find instructions to overcome the most common problems. Please read through all of them carefully, most probably one of them will solve your problem.

Strange, the download makes no sense. Is there something missing?

Please check whether you downloaded ALL files. Many lessons and books consist of several different parts. Many exercises for example are split in separate worksheets and instructions.
Go back to the download link you received by e-mail and check for downloads you missed first.

The link in the e-mail you sent me doesn’t work. It sends me to some strange error message.

The links I am sending you work in 99% of the time. Unfortunately sometimes some of this internet stuff just refuses to work properly. If you cannot use a link I have sent you, please try the following steps:

  1. 1. Try to copy and paste the link from your e-mail directly to the address line of your browser. How is this done?
    1. a. Mark the link in your e-mail
    2. b. Press Ctrl+C
    3. c. Click the browsers address bar and select all the text you can see there
    4. d. Press Ctrl+V and hit the Return key
  2. 2. Wait some hours or up to one day and try again later. Most probably I have already noticed the problem and I am working on a solution.

The download link on your website doesn’t work

As with links in emails there can be temporary technical problems hindering your attempts to download your lessons or books. In this case please try these steps:

  1. 1. If you tried to download the file by left-clicking the link, click the link with the right mouse button and select “Save as”. Then follow the instructions to download the file to your computer
  2. 2. If you tried to download the file by right-clicking, this time click the link with the left mouse button and see what happens
  3. 3. Wait some hours (up to one day) and try again later. Sometimes there are problems I am working on and that will be solved soon.
  4. 4. Sometimes problems that seem to be download problems are in fact problems with opening the PDF files. So please also read the following instructions about opening and reading PDF-files.

The PDF file I downloaded don’t work

You downloaded your lesson or current e-book but it won’t open on your computer? Then please check these steps:

  1. 1. Do you have the newest version of acrobat reader installed on your computer? All my lessons, exercises and books are delivered in PDF format. For opening, reading and printing these files you need the free Adobe Acrobat reader. So please install the newest version of Adobe Acrobat reader now. You can download it for free here: Many PDF-related problems are caused by outdated versions of Acrobat Reader. So please make sure you always use the newest version.
  2. 2. Sometimes so called firewalls, internet protection software and virus scanners may corrupt your download. If you have any of these, please deactivate them for the time of your download and try to download the PDF file again.
  3. 3. There are many more reasons that can lead to damaged PDF files when you downloaded them. Usually trying to download again may help. So please try this if none of the upper tips offered a solution.

You tried all the tips above but the problem persists?

Then send me an error report and I’ll help you as soon as I can. I receive heaps of emails a day, so please understand: I can only help, when you report as detailed as possible!

Under all circumstances I need to know:

  • - your email-address
  • - what lesson or book download caused the problem
  • - ideally you send my a copy of the e-mail that contains the download link
  • - a description of your problem – as detailed as possible. Tell me about anything you see: error messages, etc. … if you can create a screenshot of the problem I would be delighted

If you want to report a problem with links in an e-mail, I need to see:

  • - the link in question, ideally the whole e-mail containing the broken link

If you are experiencing problems with downloading or opening a PDF file, please tell me:

  • - what version of the Acrobat Reader are you using
  • - if available please attach the PDF file in question to the e-mail

Please put all these information in an e-mail and send it to I’ll try to help as soon as possible, but sometimes there are too many emails to answer. So please allow up to a few days for an answer.

Thanks for your understanding

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